Version 3.0 is here

I’m proud to introduce to you the latest and greatest version of Dilemma yet. If Dilemma wasn’t already great enough. It now comes with extra options for the Dilemmas as you can see below




You can now (from v3.0 GO GREEN) as well as silver and the usual options!!



I LOVE the new features

Yeah … hang on.. .did you catch that? Dilemma now has more skins available to the left and right options. This is SOOO cool.. look at the possible combinations available.




You can now mix and match the colours as you see fit, there’s a simple drop down box for you on each dilemma on your site 🙂 bonus!!

We’ve also added a neat new admin function to let you monitor how the Dilemmas are doing scores wise* so you can see how they’re performing

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 23.05.21


Wow that’s crazy…

But there’s more?

Yep, there’s one more cool new feature… check out the Random Dilemma page here. Can you tell what it is yet? That’s right… the page auto refreshes after a set amount of time (10 seconds) to bring new dilemmas constantly to your audience.

Don’t worry – if you’re not a fan you can switch the setting to show a simple link instead!

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