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Dilemma! version 2.0 is here!

Well all you Dilemma! customers. You’ll be pleased to know that a new version v2.0 of Dilemma! has been submitted to CodeCanyon for review. What’s new in this update I hear you shout?

There were numerous feature requests since v1.1 has come out and I have tried to capture the majority of these in this update.

Cool new front end widget to show site wide statistics and help earn you some money!

The widget in the sidebar can be setup to help earn you money. By displaying this widget it shows you a cool running total of votes and dilemmas as well as optionally puts an affiliate link on the Dilemma logo. Anyone who clicks this link and signs up and buys from CodeCanyon, you get 30% affiliate income.. money for (almost) nothing. You can check out the widget over there in the sidebar.

That’s pretty epic isn’t it? It shows you just how engaging your Dilemmas have been to your website audience AND helps you earn a few bucks as well.

Improved admin side

The plugin is now much easier to use for people who are new to it. The admin homepage has had a 2013 facelift and now each Dilemma is viewable from it’s “view post” link. A screenshot of the new sparkly 2013 admin homepage is below:


Cool new logo


Dilemmas now have their own pages with comments

Awesome this means they all show up under a big list of site wide dilemmas at this URL. It also means each individual Dilemma can get shared on facebook and other social media.

Visitors can browse through all the Dilemmas in your site in one go. More time online, more engagement. Wicked! If you allow your own visitors to pose their own Dilemmas, they can now add a title to them and submit them to your site pending admin approval (easy to change to auto publish).

But, I wanted more than 2 options

Dilemma is and always will be a 2 option pony. Tigers or Lions, Goose or Gander.. It’s what makes it so simple and effective. If you want more options to vote on then there’s the recently released super powerful Social Polling Plugin available on CodeCanyon which is awesome, it really is!.

Aww where’s the photo voting element

Sorry guys and gals, this didn’t make the cut either. For a top notch photo rating plugin, there’s the very popular Pics Mash for a photo rating systems.

Dilemma! WordPress plugin launched

Dilemma WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Which is better?

  • Hugs or Kisses
  • Chicken or Eggs
  • Pizza or Potato
  • Love or Money
  • Football or Rugby

Have you ever wondered which is the best? Now you can find out by operating a “You Rather” type voting and polling section to your website. Find out which is best based on opinion polls of your websites visitors.

Is A better than B find out results of A/B testing using this plugin.

Once a user clicks a choice, they are shown the results of the poll so far.

They can then move onto the next Dilemma! increasing your websites pageviews and increasing your website users engagement.

What else can the plugin be used for?

The plugin can help you understand what, out of two options, your website users prefer. This is a good way to implement A/B testing and through it you can find out…

  1. Which phrase your users prefer
  2. Which blog title has the most impact
  3. Which tag-line do they prefer
  4. plus much much MORE

Increase user engagement and increase pageviews

The plugin gives your website visitors and area of your site they can become involved and addicted to. You can run “Would you rather” type polling games, and even allow your website visitors to contribute to the polling.

Each Dilemma results in a new pageview, and if you operate Adsense or other advertising you can quickly start displaying more adverts and increase the chances of your adverts being clicked on. Higher click through means higher revenue earned from your site.

Easy administration

Adding new Dilemmas is as easy as adding a new WordPress post!!

Once added they are managed on the edit posts screen just like any other WordPress post!

Plugin Specs

The plugin leverages the full power of WordPress and even allows users of the plugin to create Dilemmas through the use of custom post types and custom taxonomies.

You are able to:

  • Quickly and easily add new Dilemmas for your users to vote on using shortcodes filtered by custom category or author
  • Allow your users to upload their own Dilemmas with full AJAX uploads
  • Display as many different Dilemma pages as you’d like (funny, serious, author specific)
  • Quickly and easily check how the Dilemmas are performing through custom post type and custom fields displayed in custom columns

Version 1.0 released 7 November 2012

Initial coding and user interface.