This page details the available shortcodes that come with the plugin.

1.) dil_mini dil = 167
This creates a mini dilemma (dil_mini) with dilemma ID 167 (dil = 167)

Random Dilemma 1


votes: 736

2.) dil dil = 169
This creates a larger dilemma for the dilemma with ID 169

The moon landing was real


The moon landing was fake

3.) dilemma cats = '1' or  dilemma author = '1'

This creates a the random Dilemma which was part of v1.0. You can show random Dilemmas by cateogry or by author (by inputting the dilemma category ID or the user ID of the author. If you have “One vote per IP” = yes. Then it will cease to show Dilemmas once they’ve all be voted on.

Tip for using shortcode 3.)
If you are using the third shortcode, due to the additional options for running lots of “yes, no” questions with a title from shortcode 1.) the best way would be to group any Dilemmas into a category which would then be displayed in the larger box (i.e. cats = ‘8’) and all Dilemmas in category ID = 8 would have meaningful alternatives (i.e. Fish or Meat) rather than (Yes or No).

Where can I find the Dilemma ID?
The Dilemma ID is displayed in the Dilemmas admin area after you’ve added a Dilemma. As shown in the screenshot below

Where to find the Dilemma ID Dilemma IDs as shown in the admin panel.