Dilemma v2.6 is available

WOW, hang on, wasn’t it only yesterday that v2.0 was available?? Yep, that’s true. Today has been full of strong development and has brought with it some major admin side additions to the plugin. The main ones are:

  1. It gives you the option to sign up to the Epic Plugins Newsletter this will help keep you up to date on this plugin, my other plugins and anything EPIC in general.
  2. Epic Plugins is my own central repository for my plugins, I have a number of new plugins in the pipeline and paying for a demo site for each one can start to hurt the wallet. So Epic Plugins is a place where you can check out my other plugins and see some of them in action
  3. The update also includes a link to the Support Forums which are specially designed for people who have bought my plugins. You’ll receive priority support on the forums compared to CodeCanyon comments or emails.
  4. This is my favourite. I am now hosting my very own central repository for plugins, no more waiting for CodeCanyon to approve every single update when some are small fixes. The latest version of the plugin will notify you from the admin dashboard when a new plugin is available and you’ll be able to automatically update it. Less hassle for everyone.

That’s pretty much all there is to the latest update. It’s pretty EPIC but its all on the inside (admin).. It’s like taking a jet engine and sticking it inside a porsche.. hmm which is better? Well there’s only one way to decide isn’t there?

An old banger with a jet engine inside


A porsche with a conked out engine


3 thoughts on “Dilemma v2.6 is available

    1. MYO Post author

      They’re both. They get added to a dilemma custom post archive, but you can embed them in any post using the shortcodes 🙂


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