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Dilemma 3.7 is here

With Dilemma 3.7 you can now add images to each Dilemma!! The perfect way to give visual impact to your Dilemma visitors. Try the ones below




It’s really useful for any sort of political debate too…




Or if you’re trying to decide where to go away for your next break…




The new settings are super easy, simply enter the images, and change the type of the dilemma to “image” as shown below….

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 11.54.16

Dilemma v2.6 is available

WOW, hang on, wasn’t it only yesterday that v2.0 was available?? Yep, that’s true. Today has been full of strong development and has brought with it some major admin side additions to the plugin. The main ones are:

  1. It gives you the option to sign up to the Epic Plugins Newsletter this will help keep you up to date on this plugin, my other plugins and anything EPIC in general.
  2. Epic Plugins is my own central repository for my plugins, I have a number of new plugins in the pipeline and paying for a demo site for each one can start to hurt the wallet. So Epic Plugins is a place where you can check out my other plugins and see some of them in action
  3. The update also includes a link to the Support Forums which are specially designed for people who have bought my plugins. You’ll receive priority support on the forums compared to CodeCanyon comments or emails.
  4. This is my favourite. I am now hosting my very own central repository for plugins, no more waiting for CodeCanyon to approve every single update when some are small fixes. The latest version of the plugin will notify you from the admin dashboard when a new plugin is available and you’ll be able to automatically update it. Less hassle for everyone.

That’s pretty much all there is to the latest update. It’s pretty EPIC but its all on the inside (admin).. It’s like taking a jet engine and sticking it inside a porsche.. hmm which is better? Well there’s only one way to decide isn’t there?

An old banger with a jet engine inside


A porsche with a conked out engine


Dilemma! Version 1.1 released.

Following feedback from the initial release the plugin has been enhanced and was submitted to CodeCanyon for approval on 11 Nov GMT. It has been submitted as v1.1 but it really is a full feature packed update and one which I’ve VERY EXCITED about.

What’s new in v1.1

  • Gives the option to restrict the votes to one per IP (default setting = yes)
  • Improves the styling of the page so that it fits into different sized theme containers
  • Adds two more shortcode options
  • Allows more than one instance of the dilemma shortcode per post or page. You can scatter them throughout posts to really engage your readers in your articles.

The following blog post shows this in action using the second new shortcode which is dil_mini dil = 4 which displays the title of the Dilemma and simple “yes” or “no” options. BLUE = yes, RED = no. This will display the Dilemma with ID = 4.

Do you like the look of v1.1


votes: 1,772

Now, moving onto each of the new features. I will discuss each one in turn, and give you the option to vote using the new shortcodes.

Restrict the votes to one vote per IP

v1.1 of the plugin brings with it vote security. This has been setup as an option for admins to restrict votes to one per IP address.

Should vote security be part of any voting plugin?


votes: 1,644

There are for and against’s for vote security. Vote security is where only one vote is allowed per user/visitor. This is achieved through only allowing one vote per IP address in v1.1 of Dilemma. This does add some security but it is still possible to bypass this measure using IP proxies.

The restriction to IP will also mean that, if one household operates under one IP, they will only be able to vote once, unless they have variable IP addresses which change every so often. This is becoming more and more the case.

These are only a couple of minor downsides though. The biggest upside is that you get a true understanding of people’s opinion without casual gaming of the system (i.e. someone clicking the same choice over and over).

There are other ways to secure against multiple voters, and that would be the use of cookies. This is slightly less strong than the IP route, since a user can simply clear their cookies and be able to vote again.

The decision was made (and requested) that IP vote security is to be added to the Dilemma plugin. This has been done for v1.1. You can still disable this feature on the settings page if you wish – the power is with you.

Responsive design

Moving onto responsive design. A responsive design is when the layout of the page reacts

“Dilemma! reacts to the container it is displayed within…” 

This is accomplished by allowing the widths of the boxes to be relative to the parent container of the theme. The plugin does ask one thing though… that the heights are kept the same… if they’re squished down too narrow – then reading what’s in them would be too hard.

There are a lot of plugins that claim to be responsive in design. The Dilemma plugin hopes to be “fully” responsive and have the proof of this verified by its users. There have been large steps in this in the current update. However, like all good things, things take time to really get perfected (Rome wasn’t built in a day). In this post, as I am discussing the new features, I ask:-

Does responsive design really matter?


votes: 1,241

“Fully responsive” is one of the “big features” bounced around a lot on plugin info (sales) pages. I ask does it matter in plugins. Plugins are built to add functionality to WordPress. You could have the best, most fancy responsive plugin out there, but if your theme is not responsive, the plugin may just be trying to “polish a….”..

With the latest generation of smartphones, the mobile browsers are becoming clever and show pages to fit the browswer. I will hold my hands up and claim that fully responsive is something I’ve yet to achieve in my plugins. Will Dilemma be the first?

So… why are you claiming that v1.1 brings responsiveness? Well… that’s because it does. The Dilemma boxes have been re-styled using relative widths, but fixed heights. What does this actually mean? It means the Dilemmas can be put in a sidebar, and fit, or in narrower column widths than the standard 960px “full width” type designs.

Adds two more shortcode options

We all love a bit of shortcode action don’t we? Following feedback from the v1.0 release. The applications of the Pics Mash plugin extend much further than simply allowing users to vote on a lot of random questions. While Dilemma! still keeps this functionality. It adds a couple of new shortcodes. The new shortcodes are really exciting stuff, you’ll have noticed one of them has been used a couple of times in this blog post.. It gathers your opinions while you are working your way through the article. It’s the ULTIMATE WAY TO MEASURE READER ENGAGEMENT!

Show a specific Dilemma on a page.

In case you want to display the taller Dilemma! styling as in v1.0, but without random aspects. This could be used as a progression of “ordered” Dilemmas to remove the random nature and ask successive Dilemmas… if you so wish!




Show a shorter Dilemma on a page (including title) – these are dotted around this page as examples.

Do you love shortcodes?


votes: 1,040

Show Dilemmas randomly

The above shortcodes are in addition to the dilemma shortcode from v1.0.

When using the dilemma shortcode, if you have chosen to only allow 1 vote per IP. It will not display any Dilemmas you’ve not already voted on. Given the extra features of Dilemma! v1.1 I would advise using the random Dilemma code for a specific Dilemma Category of “Random” that way, you can leverage full use of the extra space given to pose two alternative Dilemmas and show the fancy results. Putting the Dilemmas into a “Random” category will stop the shortcode displaying any Dilemmas where you have simply specified “yes or no” type answers.

I have SOOOO many Dilemmas!

Well it’s a good thing that v1.1 allows you to scatter these throughout your posts and pages. Why would you want to do this? you may find that you have times in your article where you’d like to gather peoples opinions. Clicking a button anonymously is likely to get you more insights that providing a comments box where the visitors have to fill in a load of details before being moderated and allowed to post..

If you’re like me, you may well find that you get to the bottom of an article and forget that the author posed a question for discussion half way down.. am I going to scroll back up and re-read it then scroll back down and try and answer them all in comments box at the bottom?

Dilemma! also shows you the results straight away, no reading through 100s of comments to try and figure out the answer. You can still do this if you like though.

Well.. Dilemma! solves that problem.. You may not get as much feedback, but in a world of yes and no and black and white … Dilemma helps get a feeling for your content and how engaging it is.

Did you answer all the questions above?


votes: 868

Thanks for reading the detailed feature update.. if you’ve any comments, you know what to do!